About Mother’s Grocery

The best Mexican Dominican food, just like our mamas prepared it.

Mother’s Grocery

Mother’s Grocery is a classic family-owned and operated bodega located in Bronx, NYC. It all started in 2018 when Brindice and Rondy, her husband, decided to bring a little bit of home to the Big Apple and open a Grocery & Deli that would provide traditional Mexican and Dominican dishes, products, and goodies for everyone to enjoy. Named after their loving mamá, who always stood by them no matter what, the unique Hispanic-owned corner store has been a staple in Webster Avenue since it opened its door.

You can come by Mother’s to do your grocery shopping or stop in for a quick bite at their delicious deli. Fresh sandwiches, Tacos, Rice and Beans, and many other homemade platillos are prepared every day for eager customers who come by the bodega at every hour. You can taste it yourself! From breakfast to lunch, Mother’s Grocery will be pleased to serve you with delicious food and drinks. And we have one tip for you: if you are near Bronx River Pkwy or the Mosholu Pkwy, and you start to listen to beautiful Hispanic music, just follow that sound and get ready to chill and enjoy Mother’s tasty flavors.
Everything at Mother’s Grocery is made with fresh, high-quality products, and you can get them delivered straight to your doorstep. The best Fresh Hot Sandwiches and Mexican Burritos are ready to land on your doorstep. At Mother’s, we are ready to serve you with the best free grocery delivery in the Bronx area. And we accept credit card payments for your delivery order as well! Just call or order your favorite products and dishes online and wait till the doorbell rings. We are the only store in the area that accepts EBT-Foodstamps payment!
But, if you are in the neighborhood and want to stop by for a meal, have an ice-cold beer, or hang out and listen to music, you’ll find the corner store fully stocked and Brindice and her family working as a team, always waiting to greet you and help you with your every need. Don’t forget to try their famous Dominican Frituras —a.k.a. the Best Frituras Ever—, Chicharrones, Carnitas, Mollejas, Quesos, Longanizas… the list goes on and on, and it just keeps getting more delicious. So, if you are visiting the New York Botanical Garden or the Bronx Zoo, you are in for a treat! Mother’s Grocery will be happy to help you and delight your palate.
Come meet us at Mother’s Deli, our second location just a few blocks away! Look for the little mom-and-pop shop at 395 E Mosholu Pkwy and Webster Avenue, near Jerome Park. Come in, eat tasty food, and try the best Smoothies and Natural Juices in all Bronx!